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Protecting Children and Preventing Sexpolitation

It's a dangerous time to be a child and even harder to be a parent. With sex trafficking ramping up, pornography a click away, and child-on-child sexual abuse becoming one of the biggest epidemics the world has ever seen - it's time to become vigilant!

ISA equips parents with a book to protect their children, teaches teenagers the dangers of social media and how to prevent them from being targets of trafficking, and assists parents in dealing with the after-effects of sexual exploitation and child-on-child sexual abuse. 

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Tough Parenting Course

Empowering & Equipping Families with Children Who Have Been Exposed to Porn!

This is a tough culture for children to grow up in. It’s even more challenging for their parents. Pornography is a huge problem, but it's not just a problem among adults. Sadly, kids are viewing porn at an incredible rate. 

  • The average age for a child to view porn is 11 years old.

  • 93% of boys and 63% of girls have seen explicit content before turning 18.

But instead of just standing on the sidelines, hoping that things will change, we created a free online course to assist parents, grandparents, and loved ones with how to help their children from porn addiction into freedom by equipping them with resources and printouts. 

The Tough Parenting course will equip you to look at things from a helpful perspective, how to be your child's advocate, why it is essential to help them remove secrets, and printouts to assist in personally working with your child. Especially for ages 2-12, but printouts are helpful for all ages.

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