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Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Research

Survivor Intelligence and Data

Sex trafficking is the largest growing issue around the world. It is thus extremely important for research to expand and develop findings from survivors. The central aim of the collection of data is to have accurate representation to educate and eradicate sex trafficking. Our research has both educational and prevention themes, focusing on the gravity of sexual exploitation and what surrounds the sex trade and those it exploits. Therefore, we hope our findings will better inform research literature and also influence future education and policy for improving and ending sexploitation at home and abroad.

Image by Adrian Swancar

Joshua Parriera, Executive Director of ISA

"If we want to end trafficking, we must first give a voice to those who have survived it and then light a fire with their words..."

Words to Strike a Flame

The Words of Survivors

Sitting on Balcony

When you had a pimp did you get to keep any of the money?


"No, I didn’t even get to… the only time I touched it was when I handed it over."

A Survivor

Girl by a Lake

Did you ever fear homelessness and did it ever affect your decision to prostitute?

    "Every day. Every second of every day."

A Survivor

Girl by the Lake

Would you have ever prostituted if there was no money involved?


"No. What is prostitution without money? Like, I have no idea!"

A Survivor

Girl With Red Backpack

What advice would you give a girl who wants to get into prostitution because she thinks it's glamorous?

"Just go get into an abusive relationship. Seriously. And see how much you like that first… I mean, I guess it's 'glamorous' because you get money but it’s not gonna last and you’re just gonna get abused everyday. Yeah. That’s what I can compare it to. It’s just the worst abusive relationship with different men everyday. Not even one that you love."

A Survivor

Woman at the Beach

How did drugs play a part in prostitution?

"I had to be completely high to be able to do it, and so those go hand-in-hand for me. If I’m using, I need more money to use, so I prostitute. And I have to be high to prostitute otherwise I can’t go through a day. I’ve been raped multiple times and hurt multiple times. I’ve been pushed out of cars, like, just a lot. That’s why I could only do it if I was high."

A Survivor

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Survivor Intelligence and Data Participation

If you are a survivor of prostitution and would like to participate in survivor led research and development, please contact us.

Need Help?

To report human trafficking or to obtain information on services for trafficked persons...

Call National Human Trafficking Hotline toll-free hotline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-888-373-7888 to speak with a specially trained Anti-Trafficking Hotline Advocate. 

You can text HELP to 233733.

Support is provided in more than 200 languages. 

Report missing children or child pornography to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (843-5678).

Report a possible trafficking situation anonymously online here.  

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