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Confronting the Storm’s Aftermath.

With thoughts of the New Year ringing in our ears, the truth about human trafficking is a sad one. Since it is my job to do stats, review information, complete research, and do interviews, I have been exposed to large amounts of heartbreaking material, interviews, and research. I have been exposed to accounts of the increase of child-on-child sexual abuse, listened to victims on how covid created the perfect storm for exploitation, and because of school closures, saw how the sexual sales of children increased. It was like we were a part of the perfect storm.

When advocates saw what was happening in 2020 with Covid, we knew things would get worse. With lockdown, isolation, and social distancing from Covid-19, some might expect that just because the doors to sex the industry publicly shut - that it was closed. But instead, we saw the opposite happening. Like in the days of the Prohibition, when making liquor illegal ended up skyrocketing the bootlegging operations, a similar event occurred as the sex industry was forced underground and pushed forward the movement of illegal activity… the sale of humans. New stats have recently revealed that covid was indeed a breeding ground for trafficking, and all the stats we previously had, have sadly increased. To be honest, I have a couple of emotional and crying breakdowns.

Since the storm has subsided, the aftermath of the pandemic has created another era - the 2023 aftermath. Unbelievable stats and stories are now piling in to see that, sadly, we were right… as the 2021 Global Estimates indicate, there are currently 50 million people in situations of modern slavery on any given day. This number translates to nearly one of every 150 people in the world.

When I started fighting trafficking almost ten years ago… do you know what the number was? Do you know how many human victims of slavery it was estimated? 24 million. So, it’s not just within my lifetime that the number has doubled, but within a ten-year period. These aren’t just stats… these are people! T

hese are men, women, and children caught in one of the most devastating arenas - human slavery.

So this year, we are ready to fight more than ever and we ask that you join us so that together we can make a greater impact globally. Working together is essential in our field, as we are already fighting so many battles. To join together in combative efforts to prevent and stop slavery is essential for the greater good of the big picture - to end human trafficking. So, for this year and for the years following, please pray for ISA and other anti-trafficking ministries to be equipped to fight the growing number of victims.

With the storm's afte

rmath, trafficking has only increased as it continues to swallow up our children and those unprotected. But you can be sure of this! We will not stop fighting for the freedom of others with all our might. With the Lord’s help, we will continue to spread the message of truth and freedom to all people.

Thank you, and may the Lord be with us all as we enter this new era of faith and determination as we proceed into 2023 to confront the storm’s aftermath.

Dana Parriera,

Director of Abolition


1. 24 million victims -

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